Who We Are !

Mawared established since 2009 as one of the leading companies in Egypt for providing complete material handling solutions & Warehousing Equipment, supported by professional team with more than 25 years experience in the field.
Mawared is the Sole agent of OMG S.r.l, whom has been operating for 40 years in the field of lift trucks & warehousing equipments, beside their Custom Line of products for special application .
Mawared's facility & Service station:
is about 1000 m2, located at El-obour industrial city neighboring to different industrial zones
i.e. 10th of Ramadan, Gesr ElSuez, Obour and Badr cities,
consists of the following divisions:
- Painting area

- Repairing area

- Spare parts area

- Finished and reconditioned area

Our Supliers

Mawared is the Sole agent of OMG S.r.l, whom has been operating for 40 years in the field of lift trucks & warehousing equipments, beside their Custom Line of products for special application .
OMG offers an improved and wider products range going from the simple hand pallet truck up to the i.c. counterbalanced forklift trucks with 10 t capacity, suitable for all commodity uses inside and outside.
From simple tractor conversions in the early 1970’s, growth for Sellick Equipment escalated with the development of the integral one-piece frame. The design could accommodate various industrial power trains which lead to brand manufacturing for John Deere and International Harvester.
TVH is the largest company in the world providing spare parts for martial handling equipment , and provide used equipment and more than that .
Tamtron is an international manufacturer of scales and weighing information management systems. We are headquartered in Finland, and our companies are located in Sweden, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, and Slovakia. Furthermore, Tamtron is represented worldwide by certified distributors in over 60 countries. From 1972, Tamtron has produced the most intelligent weighing solutions in the market. Supporting our customers’ businesses and working as an active partner with them has been our cornerstone since the beginning. We serve all the major industries and know their weighing needs. Our offering includes standard scales as well as comprehensive, integrated weighing solutions. Our scales, information management systems, and extensive services are designed to answer to our customers’ challenges, today and in the future.

Our Services

See why we are the best


years of experience

our team got experience more than 25 years at the field , we provide complete consultation to build slandered storing facility .

happy clients

we provided service and after sale service and warranty for every truck we sell and repair , we got more than 50 maintenance contract

repaired equipments

we repaired more than 1000 equipment in the last 4 years , and we provide warranty for the repairing and the original spare parts

qualified staff

we have a qualified staff of engineers and technicians and we keep them trained and updated to provide highly qualified service to our clients to make sure they are satisfied


Our team as follows

skilled engineers






admin staff

See some photos of our workshop

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  • 01- 043
  • 01 011
  • 001- 002 TR 130

Our Clients

we support our clients works in many fileds Medicines and Medical Supplies Sector , Food and Beverage Sector , Chemical Industries Sector and Other Sectors .
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